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Pan African Mining Corp

Pan African Mining Corp. Conducts Seminar and Training Program in Madagascar on Uranium Health and Safety Practices

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VANCOUVER, BC— (Marketwire – December 12, 2007) – PAN AFRICAN MINING CORP. (TSX-V : PAF) (FRANKFURT : P2A) (the « Compnay ») is pleased to annonce that is it now conducting a formal seminar and training program in Madagascar this moth regarding all aspects of naturally occuring ionizing radiation, focusing on health and safety practices to ensure protection for the environment and people working in the industry. The program is being overseen by Professor Henning von Philipsborn, Ph.D., from Regensburg University in Germany. Dr. Philipsborn is an internationally known ewpert in the field of radiometry and radioprotection, author of many publications and advisor to the German Government. He is giving a series of lectures as part of trining program to qualified technical personnel of the company and others, including Malagasy Governement officials, technicians and geologists of L’Office des Mines Nationales et des Industries Stategiques (« OMNIS »), a state Agency.

The event is backed by Madagascar’s leading expert on radiometry, Prof. Raoelina Andriambololona, Founder and Managing Director of the Institut National des Sciences et Techniques Nucléaires Madagascar (INSTN) and is fully supported by various governmental organisations and the Ministry of Mines. The training course includes many experiments and hands-demonstrations. Lectures are taking place on such diversified subjects as sources and properties of ionizing radiation, their physical, chemical and biological and biological effects, measuring methods, surface contaminations, systematic radioprotection, with a focus on adoption of appropriate health and safety standards.

The company is actively exploring for Uranium in Madagascar in four zones in its joint venture with OMNIS, under the leadership of Dr Reinhard Ramdhor of Germany, who is managing the program. The area under exploration encompasses 46 Research Permits, convering 877 Squares or carres, each of which is 6.25 sq.km. The aggregate area under license is now 5481.25 sq.km. Of this area, 862.5 sq.km. are in the Antsirabe Zone, 1037.5 sq.km. are in the Tranomaro Zone, 3331.25 sq.km. are in the Folakara Zone, and 250 sq.km. are in the Makay Zone. Drilling is ongoing in the Tranomaro zone, and results to date are encouraging. The trining program is being carried out by the company whit a view toward educating those in the industry abaout state-of-the-art techniques in dealing with radioactive materials to promote health and safety. The course also aims to ease general fears in respect of ionizing radiation and to promote the use of U for peaceful means such as nuclear power plants and medical purposes. According to IrwinOlian, CEO of the Company, « As a leading explorer for Uranium in Madagascar, we feel it is our corporate and social responsibility to promote knowledge and understanding of radiometrics and related health and safety practices. We also want to encourage development of a nuclear power industry in Madagascar, which could meet all of Madagascar’s needs for energy for centuries while reducing environmental contamination from burning of hydrocarbons. »

About PanAfrican Mining Corp.
The company is an exploratory resource company with approximately 7,500 sq.km. of divesified mineral properties and 5,000 sq.km. of uranium properties in Madagascar. The Company is exploring these properties for uranium, gold, coal, precious stones, base metals and industrial commodities. In addition, the Company is exploring two large regions for gold and metals in Mozambique under agreements with other company. It also has approximately 5,500 sq.km. of diamond licenses in Botswana which it is presently exploring. Its operations in Madagascar are carried out through its operating subsidiary, PAM Madagascar Sarl, and its uranium activities are carried out through its 80% owned subdiary PAM Atomique Sarl. The Company has offices in Vancouver, Canada and Antananarivo, Madagascar.

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