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Année 2015

1. Kall, B., Tombo, T., Rasolonirina, M., Rabesiranana, N., Rambolamanana, G., 2015. Contribution à l’étude de dose due à la radioactivité gamma du sol sur la rive de la baie des Français, Antsiranana, Madagascar. Afrique Science 11(1), (2015) 122-135.

2. Rabesiranana, N., Rasolonirina, M., Solonjara, A.F., Ravoson, H.N., Raoelina Andriambololona, Mabit, L. (2015).- Assessment of soil redistribution rates by 137Cs and 210Pbex in a typical Malagasy agricultural field.- J. Environ. Radioact. 152, (2016) 112-118.

3. Kouello Alladassi, F., Houngnandan, P., Azotonde, H. A., Benmansour, M., Rabesiranana, N., Mabit, L. (2015).- Assessment of the level of soil degradation in three watersheds affected by intensive farming practices in Benin.- J. Exp. Bio. Agric. Sc., Dec. - 2015 ; Volume – 3(6).

4. Holm, E., Rääf, C., Rabesiranana, N., Garcia-Tenorio, R. (2015).- Fallout of Pu-238 over Madagascar following the SNAP 9A satellite failure.- Chapitre dans "Environmental Radiochemical Analysis V", monographie de P. Warwick. Royal Society of Chemistry Special Publication n°351. ERA eds, Issue 12, 2015.

5. M. Rasolofonirina, V. Ramaroson , Raoelina Andriambololona, “On-site Sanitation Influence on Nitrate Occurrence in the Shallow Groundwater of Mahitsy City, Analamanga Region, Madagascar”. Environment and Pollution, Vol. 4, No 2,. Canadian Center of Science and Education. 2015

6. Rakotozafy L. V., Ramaherison H., Andriamahenina N. N., Rasoazanany E. O., Ravoson H. N., Raoelina Andriambololona (2015).- Laboratory Performance Evaluation in Terms of Water Analysis Through an External Quality Control.- Science Journal of Analytical Chemistry, 2015, Vol. 3, No. 2, pp. 22-29

7. Raoelina Andriambololona, Ranaivoson R. T., Hanitriarivo R., Wilfrid Chrysante Solofoarisina.- Study on Linear Canonical Transformation in a Framework of a Phase Space Representation of Quantum Mechanics.- International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics. Vol. 1, No. 1, pp. 1-8, 2015.

8. H. Andrianiaina, H. Röngen, Raoelina Andriambololona, G. Rambolamanana, J.B. Ratongasoandrazana, Multi-Input Multi-Channel Analyzer (MIMCA) using universal FPGA board – IJIRSET journal, Volume4, Issue 3, March 2015, ISSN : 2319-8753.

9. M. A. L. Ralaivelo , M. J. Ramanandraibe, Raoelina Andraimbololona ,E. Randrianarivony, J. L. R. Zafimanjato, R. D. Randriantsizafy, T. H Randriamora. Establishing Diagnostic Reference Level for Computed Tomography Examination in Madagascar. Science Publishing Group, 2015 ; 1(2) : 13-18

10. M.J. Ramanandraibe, T.H. Randriamora, M. A.L. Ralaivelo , Raoelina Andriambololona. Patient Dose Assessment for Conventional Radiography in Madagascar. The Pharmaceutical and Chemical Journal . 2015, 2(3):1-5