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Année 2017

1. Akplo T. M., Kouelo Alladassi F., Hougnandan P., Benmansour M., Rabesiranana N., Mabit L., Ahogle Agassin M. A., Alohoutadef F. M. (2017).- Effect of Tillage and Mulching on soil Water Erosion in Linsinlin Watershed, Centre Benin.- Journal of Experimental Biology and Agricultural Sciences, August - 2017 ; Volume – 5(4) . ISSN No. 2320 – 8694.

2. Raaf C., Holm E., Rabesiranana N., Garcia-Tenorio R., Chamizo E. (2017). On the presence of plutonium in Madagascar following the SNAP-9A satellite failure.- Journal of Environmental Radioactivity 177 (2017).

3. Ravoson H., Rasolonirina M., Solonjara A. F., Rabesiranana N., Raoelina Andriambololona, Andriamihaingoarisoa V. I. (2017).- Étude, à travers deux cas, des risques d’ensablement des réservoirs hydroélectriques des hautes terres de Madagascar, par l’utilisation des radio-isotopes Pb-210 et le Cs-137.- Afrique SCIENCE 13(4) (2017) 8 - 20 8 ISSN 1813-548X

4. Design of ALU and Code Converter Using Matrix Calculation , N. G. Rasolofoson, Raoelina Andriambololona. Pure and Applied Mathematics Journal. Vol. 6, No. 3, 2017, pp. 89-100.

5. Barijaona, A.F., Asimanana, F., Rasolonirina, M., 2017. Contribution à l’étude de la radioactivité naturelle, par spectrométrie gamma, du sol dans la zone littorale d’Antalaha-Ambohitralanana Madagascar. Afrique Science 13(2), (2017).

6. Randriamora, T.H., Razafindramiandra, H.A., Raoelina Andriambololona, Ravelomanantsoa, S.D., Ralaivelo, M.A., Rasolonirina, M., Zafimanjato, J.L.R., Randriantseheno, H.F., 2017. Determination of Natural Radioactivity in the North East Beach Sands of Madagascar. American Journal of Physics and Applications, 2017 ; 5(1) : 6-12.

7. Hanitriarivo R., Raoelina Andriambololona, Ranaivoson R. T., Roland Raboanary.- Coordinate, Momentum and Dispersion operators in Phase space representation.- arXiv:1707.02223, July 2017. International Journal of Latest Research in Science and Technology (IJLRST), ISSN (Online):2278-5299.

8. Raoelina Andriambololona, Ranaivoson R. T., Hanitriarivo R., Hasimbola Damo Emile.-Dispersion Operators Algebra and Linear Canonical Transformations.- arXiv:1608.02268 [quant-ph], International Journal of Theoretical Physics, ISSN 0020-7748, Vol. 52, No. 9, doi : 10.1007/s10773-016-3268-4.Published online :02 February 2017, Springer, 2017.

9. M.A.L. Ralaivelo, Andriambololona Raoelina, E. Randrianarivony, S. Ravelomanantsoa, H.F. Fanja Randriantseheno, R.D. Randriantsizafy, T.H. Randriamora, V. Raharimboangy, T. Razakarimanana, H. A. Razafindramiandra. High Voltage Consideration to Determine the Dose Received by Patient in Conventional Radiology, Proceeding of the International Congress of the International Radiation Protection Association, Cape Tawn (Fundamental Science) , South Africa (11/2017), Volume 1(5) : 763.

10. T.H. Randriamora, H.A.Razafindramiandra, , Raoelina Andriambololona, S.D. Ravelomanantsoa, M.A.L. Ralaivelo, M. Rasolonirina, J.L.R. Zafimanjato, H.F. Randriantseheno, 2017. Determination of Natural Radioactivity in the North East Beach Sands of Madagascar. American Journal of Physics and Applications, 2017 ; 5(1) : 6-12.

11. H.A. Razafindramiandra, T.H. Randriamora, M. Rasolonirina, M.A.L. Ralaivelo, E. Randrianarivony, H.F. Randriantseheno, R.D. Randriantsizafy. Public Exposure Due to Natural Radioactivity in Madagascar Uranium Zone Using Direct and Indirect Method, Case of Vatovory Abandoned Site and Its Surroundings. Radiation Science and Technology 2017 ; 3(6) : 60-67

12. T. Razakarimanana, M.A.L. Ralaivelo, T.H. Randriamora, Raoelina Andriambololona, D.S. Ravelomanatsoa, R. D. Randriantsizafy. Doses Evaluation of Some Body Organs of Pediatric Patients Undergoing Chest X-ray Examination Using Thermoluminescent dosimeter. Radiation Science and Technology. 2017 ; 3(3) : 24-28

13. Solofonjatovo Evariste Andriamasivelo , Raoelina Andriambololona. Calculator on Java Using the Method of Raoelina Andriambololona. Mathematics and Computer Science. Vol. 2, No 6, 2017, pp. 130-138. doi : 10.11648/j.mcs.20170206.16

14. H.F. Randriantseheno, Raoelina Andriambololona, R.J.L. Zafimanjato, T.H. Randriamora,. Status of the Management of Disused Sealed Sources in Madagascar. Advances in Ecological and Environmental Research, p. 382-386 | Science Signpost Publishing, September 25, 2017.